How to Truly Prepare for Your Microsoft Renewal

Feb 27, 2018
webinar prepare for microsoft renewal

If you are approaching your next Microsoft renewal, this webinar will provide valuable insights, including:

• Outlining how to effectively prepare for your Microsoft renewal
• Providing actionable strategies to increase your leverage with Microsoft
• Techniques to counter Microsoft’s sales tactics come renewal time

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SAP ECC to S/4 HANA: What You Need To Know

Mar 13, 2018

Mainstream support for SAP’s ECC platform is set to expire in 2025, driving companies to make the conversion to SAP S/4 HANA. This webinar will provide valuable insights on the following:

• Prerequisites and limitations of converting to S/4 HANA
• Commercial considerations of converting from ECC to S/4 HANA
• Options for migrating / deploying S/4 HANA
• Best practice considerations for evaluating and selecting S/4 HANA Implementation Partners
• Recommendations for evaluating readiness and mitigating risk

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CIO Peer Forum

Apr 10-11, 2018

Vancouver, Canada

Annual event run by the CIO Association of Canada

This annual CIO event explores the changing role of IT, the changing perspectives of what IT can and will do for business, and the requirement that traditional models be abandoned or changed and a new progressive way of thinking be adopted. The CIO Peer Forum helps CIO's get truly fused with the business and helps keep IT at the helm, or risk being swamped by the tidal wave of digital disruption. Listen to UpperEdge's John Belden present, “Contracting and Delivering Agile at Enterprise Scale.”

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Contracting & Delivering Agile at Enterprise Scale

Apr 24, 2018

Implementing agile at global scale introduces new challenges – team sizes are often in the hundreds, implementations are global, compliance is life critical, and the domain is very complex. The larger the project, the greater the risk and need for oversight and constant involvement. When the project is so long, its benefits are often not realized quickly.

This webinar will explore:

• Risks and uncertainties associated with agile at scale
• Specific risk mitigation techniques
• Methods to contractually transfer risk to providers

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MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

May 23, 2018

Cambridge, MA

Up Your Digital Game from Vision to Execution

The gap is widening between companies that have advanced digital capabilities and those that do not. This year’s Symposium will help you Up Your Digital Game from Vision to Execution. Learn how to effectively build a digital organization that scales and implements new business models by navigating complex ethical and economic issues, developing platforms, managing hybrid IT and business talent, establishing cross-functional partnerships across your organization, and capitalizing on agile and DevOps.

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