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Agile Projects: What Are The Risks and Benefits?

John Belden, Project Execution Services Advisory Leader, talks about the increase in CIOs adopting agile methods across their business project portfolios.


‘Tis the Season for Maintenance Renewals

Greg Hall, Director, IT Service & Commercial Advisory Practice, discusses maintenance renewals; over 80% are based on the calendar year. The window for companies to avoid OPEX increases and drive down TCO is in full swing and quickly closing.


Microsoft Q1 FY2018 Earnings & Key Takeaways

Adam Mansfield, UpperEdge’s Microsoft Practice Lead, reports on Microsoft’s Q1 FY2018 earnings and what the key takeaways are for Microsoft clients.


 Your ERP Implementation Needs a Winning Team

Shawn Stamp, Director of Project Execution & Advisory Services discusses the challenges of putting together a winning team, which can seem just as challenging as a SAP or Oracle implementation. It’s no secret that ERP-based, transformational business initiatives are complex undertakings that are prone to delays, blown budgets, and/or outright failure. Listen to the podcast and read more about this topic in Shawn’s blog article.


Salesforce.com Requiring Customers to Increase Annual Fees at Renewal

Director of Services, Adam Mansfield gives a quick recap of Salesforce’s recent Q2 earnings and provides insights on how Salesforce is using their customer base to achieve impressive revenue growth.


What SAP’s Indirect Access White Paper Means for Its Clients

Sr. Sourcing & Negotiation Advisor, Michael Tucciarone breaks down SAP’s Indirect Access White Paper, and provides insight into SAP’s plans to evolve and expand its licensing and policies of Indirect Access use.


Assessing Microsoft’s Q4 2017 Earnings

Adam Mansfield, UpperEdge’s Microsoft Practice Lead, looks at Microsoft’s Q4 earnings and gives insight on how their earnings could impact your future agreements and licenses with Microsoft.


SAP MaxAttention, Putting the Misconceptions to Bed

UpperEdge’s CEO and Founder, David Blake interviews Sr. Sourcing & Negotiation Advisor, Michael Tucciarone about the misconceptions involved with SAP MaxAttention contracts.


Microsoft Layoffs and Overhauled Sales Organization: What It Means for Your Next Renewal

Adam Mansfield, UpperEdge’s Microsoft Practice Lead discusses the layoff of 4000 Microsoft employees mostly within their sales organization. Learn how Microsofts focus on Cloud services could impact Microsofts approach to your renewal.

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6 Questions Answered: SAP Indirect Access

In the wake of Anheuser-Busch and Diageo’s cases vs. SAP, UpperEdge’s CEO, David Blake and SAP Practice Lead, Len Riley answer the top 6 questions weighing on the minds of CIO’s regarding SAP’s indirect access.

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Demystifying Relationship Opportunities with your Incumbent AMS Provider

Sr. Sourcing & Negotiation Advisor, Yohann Jouin-Sellez speaks with Sourcing & Commercial Advisory Practice Leader, Len Riley about the benefits of an established relationship with your AMS (Application Management Services) provider.

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Microsoft Syncs O365 and Windows 10 upgrade timing for their Secure Productive Enterprise

Microsoft Practice Lead, Adam Mansfield talks about the real reason Microsoft synchronized O365 and Windows 10’s upgrade schedule—for their Secure Productive Enterprise adoption strategy.


Derek Light’s insights and take aways from Sapphire 2017

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Microsoft Q3 2017 – Missed Revenue and Cloud Focus Presents Negotiating Opportunities

Listen to Adam Mansfield, UpperEdge’s Microsoft Practice Leader, discuss Microsoft’s revenue that reached $23.56B, which was just short of the expected $23.62. But what’s a mere $60M delta when you’ve achieved your primary goal of posting strong growth in your key Office and Azure cloud computing segments?