CEO Welcome

It is my pleasure to personally welcome you to UpperEdge.  We are an innovative company that specializes in helping our clients maximize the value they receive from their key information technology relationships. We do this by empowering them with fact-based sourcing, negotiation, and project execution strategies.

I founded UpperEdge because I believed customers deserved a more disruptive, adaptable, and innovative set of advisory offerings fully supported by precise benchmarks and state of the art analytical tools. This, coupled with the quality of our people has become a clear differentiator for UpperEdge.

By complementing IT and project teams with relevant market intelligence and proven sourcing, negotiation, and project execution strategies, we provide the means for reducing IT costs and cycle times associated with delivering capabilities to the business.

We enjoy partnering with our clients to elevate the value they receive from their suppliers and take great pride in remaining humble and focused on continuously enhancing and innovating the way in which we deliver value to them.

We genuinely believe we have something great to offer your company.  I invite you to discover what UpperEdge can do for you.


david blake


Founder and CEO, UpperEdge