TOP 10 UpperEdge Blog Posts of 2017

Before we dive into 2018, we want to reflect on this past year, so we compiled a list of our 10 most read blogs of 2017 for readers who may have missed them.

Companies should always be striving to maximize the value they receive from their key IT supplier relationships, but it’s not always easy to determine where and how you can do better. UpperEdge’s informative posts on the latest industry insights and best practices for managing relationships with vendors known for exerting leverage at the negotiation table (SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Accenture, Deloitte, etc.), combined with our deep base of market intelligence and actionable insights, has won accolades from many of you.

These were our most popular:

1. MillerCoors Files $100M Suit Against HCL For Flawed SAP Implementation – What We Know and What We Would Like to Know

In March, MillerCoors made headlines after filing suit against India-based IT and Engineering Services firm, HCL Technologies, for failing to adequately implement SAP. John Belden compiled a timeline of the case to provide an overview of their relationship and speculate what went wrong.

2. SAP Indirect Access: What the Diageo Case Means to SAP Customers

Indirect Access concerns have been on the mind of SAP customers for years but 2017 was the first time the world saw SAP take a customer to court. What does SAP’s multimillion-dollar victory mean for its other customers?

3. A CIO’s Checklist for Your Company’s Next Cloud Deal

Failing to get the best deal the first time can have long-term consequences given the compounding effect on operating expense. This checklist can help you secure a more transparent, scalable, and predictable relationship with SAP.

4. SAP and Indirect Use: Is SAP Taking Advantage of its Customers?

Is SAP’s enforcement of Indirect Access compliance justified or are they just taking advantage of customers? Our CEO, Dave Blake, weighed in.

5. Is a Microsoft SAM Engagement Really an Audit in Disguise?

Whether you received a “SAM Baseline” Letter of Engagement from Microsoft or still haven’t moved to Office 365 yet, you should know the potential consequences – and benefits – of accepting this free offer.

6. UpperEdge Rates Audit Risk for Oracle Customers

Earlier this year, we developed a self-assessment tool to help Oracle licensees assess their likelihood of being audited by simply answering 15 high-level questions. In less than 10 minutes, you can assess your audit risk and receive a breakdown of which factors contribute to your exposure level.

7. Demystifying Relationship Opportunities with Your Incumbent AMS Provider

Over the years, we’ve observed that vendor incumbency often leads to value erosion across various areas of the relationship. Analyzing these five key areas of an Application Management Services (AMS) partnership can help you identify potential risks and opportunities in the relationship and form your re-negotiation strategy.

8. Microsoft’s Azure: Confusion Leads to Profit

Did you know that the amount of consumption can actually change your billing terms? That’s just one way that Microsoft blindsides customers with an inflated bill. In our experience, Microsoft customers aren’t given the proper level of transparency.

9. Can Your Oracle Cloud Renewal Get Stormy?

Oracle gets many benefits by having their customers migrate to the Cloud. One benefit is the ability to raise subscription fees on subsequent renewal terms. This post covers what to watch out for.

10. The Bay of Pigs: Mitigating ERP Project Risk

There is a good chance that when you complete an ERP implementation, your solution will either cost more to implement/maintain than expected or will fall short of delivering the promised benefits. Fortunately, there are techniques to mitigate these risks.

Honorable Mentions:

While this is not a blog post, Adam Mansfield’s webcast was met with high praise this year. If you are a Salesforce customer or may become one, you’ll find this webcast to be jam-packed with valuable insights. Download it here and don’t forget that all our webinar recordings are available for download shortly after the live broadcast.

It seemed as if SAP chose to erode its reputation and customer goodwill this year. There are a few factors that could be driving their decision to take on customers one by one.

Overall, it was a big year for enterprise technology, especially with SAP falling into the legal spotlight. In 2018, you can expect to see more informative posts about maximizing your key IT supplier relationships and the vendor management issues you care about most.

What would you like to see more of in our blog posts this year? Leave a comment below or reach out to @UpperEdge on Twitter!

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