Consumer Goods Company Right-Sizes Relationship Resulting in $13M in Savings

A Salesforce Case Study

Client Profile

A $63B Multinational Consumer Goods Company

Client Situation

  • Client had previously entered into a strategic Enterprise Licensing Agreement, which included a bundled approach to their portfolio of products
  • Was oversubscribed and needed to right-size their portfolio, with a significant amount of shelfware
  • Needed to reduce their footprint by over 50%
  • Initial reduction effort on their own resulted in an extension of their already bloated contract

Services & Results

UpperEdge guided client to determine current product usage and forecast future requirements at a granular level providing insights relative to similar organizations facing steep renewal cost increases and stern pushback while trying to reduce their Salesforce footprint:

  • Organized go-forward requirements and leveraged potential areas of growth, including Salesforce acquired products, to drive commercial improvements
  • Established an enhanced strategic partnership while simultaneously right-sizing product portfolio and achieving a framework for potential future growth.
  • Restructured contractual relationship including highly competitive pricing and protections that removed downstream exposure to uncapped price increases
  • Resulted in over $13M in savings over 3 years