Oil Company Locks In 5 Years of Price Protections in Oracle ERP Perpetual License Agreement

An Oracle Case Study


A regional propane and oil company that was seeking to eliminate numerous disparate systems with a fully integrated ERP system to drive operational efficiencies and provide real-time information to its mobile workforce. Client was undertaking a multi-year transformation of its financial, human resources, supply chain, and customer relationship management capabilities to support business growth and operational objectives. The client faced several challenges:

  • Lack of experience orchestrating a competitive bid process and soliciting comprehensive proposals
  • Lack of understanding regarding Oracle’s business practices and negotiating strategies
  • Limited knowledge of market competitive pricing and commercial arrangements
  • Limited commercial software negotiation experience


UpperEdge provided key guidance and assistance throughout the entire evaluation, selection, and negotiation process. Specifically, UpperEdge:

  • Developed a negotiation timeline based on UpperEdge best practices to most effectively leverage the competitive environment
  • Solicited vendor information relevant for decision making which allowed each vendor to distinguish themselves and persuade the client as to why they were the best partner to meet client requirements
  • Conducted a comprehensive review and analysis of all proposed commercial offerings
  • Provided precise intelligence based on UpperEdge’s extensive experience negotiating with all vendors
  • Coached the client behind the scenes throughout negotiations with Oracle to ensure the client achieved a comprehensive and holistic commercial deal construct
  • Assisted client’s legal counsel during execution stage, including reviewing proposed contractual language


Utilizing strategies, insights, benchmarks and the execution approach provided by UpperEdge, the client was able to achieve a best-in-class financial and commercial deal construct for perpetual licenses for the JDE product suite, which included a 5 year TCO reduction of over $1M and 5 years of price protections. The client’s achievements also included:

  • Custom development by Oracle of functionality which is a competitive differentiator for client
  • 5 years of support fee and price protections on products in BOM and other products identified in a price hold list
  • Protections against losing or having to re-license functionality as a result of Oracle repackaging products in the future
  • Protections for divestitures and acquisitions