[Guide] Complementary Java Compliance Self-Assessment Guide

When Oracle announced that Java SE users may need to purchase additional licenses in order to receive updates and potentially ensure compliance, we received many questions from Oracle customers such as:Complimentary Java Guide Download

  • When are we required to purchase Java licenses?
  • What is considered “commercial use”?
  • What is the license scope of the Java versions we use?
  • How do we assess our Java compliance exposure?
  • What is the potential cost of my Java compliance exposure?

To help answer these compliance questions, we developed this complimentary Java self-assessment guide based on all versions of Oracle’s publicly available Java agreements as of May 2020.  

This Excel guide puts Oracle’s click-through Java licensing agreements in one place, highlights the different license scope clauses, and enables you to work with your legal team to determine your Java usage and potential compliance exposure.

NOTE: This guide is intended for end-user companies only. Please provide correct and complete information as we are unable to send the guide to requests that do not meet this criteria. In addition, this guide is solely intended to support self-assessments and does not provide legal advice.  UpperEdge accepts no responsibility for miscalculations or misuse of this guide.

Failing to comply with Java licensing policies could lead to an Oracle audit resulting in significant compliance license fees. If you are interested in better understanding your Oracle compliance exposure or receiving assistance with your Oracle negotiations, please see our Oracle Advisory Services.

To receive a copy of the Java Compliance Self-Assessment Guide, please fill out the form below.