Podcast: Enterprise Insights from ServiceNow’s Q2 FY20 Earnings

ServiceNow eclipsed the $4B annual run rate for the first time after beating consensus and guidance.  The company is so confident in their portfolio of cloud solutions (ITSM, ITBM, CSM, Sec Ops, HR Service Delivery, etc.) and the proven sales tactics and pipeline they have in place, that they raised growth and profitability guidance for the year.  Expect ServiceNow to continue to push their current enterprise customers to expand their footprint and for new enterprise customers to start out with a larger footprint with more than three products.  In this podcast, ServiceNow Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses what enterprises should expect moving forward as ServiceNow looks to achieve their $10B revenue target.  He also uncovers key insights enterprises can take advantage of in their upcoming negotiations and renewals.

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