Podcast: ServiceNow is No Longer Just a Tool for IT – Why This Matters

Adam Mansfield gives an overview of his latest blog in this podcast.

Since ServiceNow’s inception back in 2004, ServiceNow has been known, right or wrong; as an IT helpdesk vendor.  A vendor that sold products and solutions that catered solely to the needs of the IT department.  Specifically, ServiceNow focused primarily on selling their target audience their ITSA (IT Service Automation) product.   Back in 2014, ITSA went away and was rebranded ITSM (IT Service Management) in an attempt to market and sell at the functional department level rather than solely to the IT department.  ServiceNow realized that in order to experience the type of growth they and their shareholders were expecting they needed to be able to transition from being a tool for IT to a platform that will enable business transformation.  They needed to not only rebrand their core product offering but also develop additional products based on their already successful platform that could be sold to other parts of their customer’s business.

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