How Does Your IT Project Compare? Benchmarking to Mitigate Biases and Blind Spots

Jun 29, 2021

In our first ever benchmarking webinar, UpperEdge will be sharing insights gleaned from our database of system implementation projects totaling $20B in project cost and 172M hours of effort. These projects span hundreds of clients, dozens of industries, multiple vendors, and staffing models ranging from $100K-$500M in external spend.

The information collected enables UpperEdge clients to benchmark a wide range of project attributes, including:

  • Expected vendor staffing pyramids
  • Expected effort and cost by workstream
  • Expected client effort for a wide range of implementation types

This webinar will provide:

  • An overview of our database and how we built it
  • Data for benchmarking current programs and how to establish a foundation for appropriate contingency amounts
  • The expected and unexpected benchmarks of proposal range expectations, the ratios and ranges of staffing for projects, and the trends over time
  • Observed variations by project size, project, system implementation vendor, and approach

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