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UpperEdge Finds Oracle Customers are Increasingly Concerned by Java Compliance Issues

New guide helps organizations determine their Java usage and potential compliance exposure.

Boston, MA – July 2, 2020 – When Oracle announced that, starting in January 2019, commercial Java users must buy a license in order to receive updates and potentially ensure compliance, many businesses were forced to evaluate their Java use but found navigating Oracle’s complex Java licensing policies a challenge.

In response to the growing need to better understand and properly license Java use, UpperEdge created a downloadable guide based on all versions of Oracle’s publicly available Java agreements to help answer common questions such as:

  • When are we required to purchase Java licenses?
  • What is considered “commercial use”?
  • What is the license scope of the Java versions we use?
  • How do we assess our Java compliance exposure?
  • What is the potential cost of my Java compliance exposure?

“Due to the idiosyncrasies of Java use, identifying the number of Java licenses a company needs in order to be in compliance requires a thorough internal assessment,” said Jeff Lazarto, Oracle Practice Leader at UpperEdge.

Failing to comply with Java licensing policies could open the door to a full-blown audit of Oracle software and potentially result in significant compliance license fees.

“For Oracle customers, getting your Java use in order is just a small component of the process companies must go through to ensure they are in compliance with all of Oracle’s licensing policies,” Jeff continued.

Organizations looking to ensure their overall Oracle compliance can request UpperEdge’s Baseline Assessment which looks at your use of Oracle software in its entirety and uses Oracle’s current policies to determine your potential compliance exposure as well as identify optimization opportunities.  The comprehensive Oracle Baseline Assessment can be requested here.

The complimentary Java Compliance Self-Assessment Guide is currently available on UpperEdge’s website and can be accessed here.


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