Little Known Strategies for Your ServiceNow Renewal Negotiation

March 26, 2019

Recorded March 26th, 2019 

ServiceNow has grown significantly and continues to expand their portfolio of cloud products as they look to become a strategic vendor for enterprises embarking on digital transformations.

Critical to their success is their ability to land new customers at an accelerated pace and expand existing customer portfolios. Combined with ServiceNow’s approach to taking advantage of your inability to easily walk away once products are adopted makes it even more important to gain control of your renewal.

In the current environment, those who want to maintain or even improve the commercial relationship they established with ServiceNow must have the right strategy in place come renewal time.

If you are considering adding ServiceNow to your portfolio or are already a customer, this webcast will provide crucial insights on:

  • How to effectively prepare for your upcoming ServiceNow renewal
  • What matters most to ServiceNow
  • Which actionable strategies will increase your leverage

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