Pulling Back the Curtain on How SAP Will Push Customers to S/4HANA

May 1, 2019

SAP’s ambition to be a cloud leader by 2020 is overshadowed by the fact that in 2018, only 30% of their customers committed to the cloud and < 20% implemented S/4HANA.  So how will SAP take direct action to accelerate S/4HANA adoption and shift their existing customers from current on-premise systems into the cloud?  More importantly, will SAP solely focus on meeting their own business objectives, rather than aligning to a customer’s requirements or their technology roadmap?

The reality facing customers is that SAP will use multiple business practices to opportunistically create events that take control away from customers and move them onto S/4HANA in the cloud as quickly as possible.  This webcast analyzes:

  • SAP’s sales strategies influencing digital transformations, driving ECC to S/4HANA migrations, capitalizing on M&A, and driving sales through audits
  • SAP’s business practices used to eliminate a customer’s ability to shape their journey to S/4HANA
  • Strategies to anticipate SAP’s actions and take control of your journey and technology roadmap

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