Oracle v Rimini Street Revisited

As we previously discussed in Oracle v SAP & Oracle v Rimini Street, the long-term effects of Oracle’s lawsuits (and countersuits) are not limited to the parties directly involved in the respective cases. In fact, the consequences of the judge’s decisions have the potential to invalidate the 3rd party maintenance provider business model altogether (Oracle is calling it “corrupt”). But what developments have occurred since we last blogged on this issue? Oracle has actually begun subpoenaing Rimini Street’s clients.

Subpoenaing, and thus disrupting these respective businesses in the hope of gathering incriminating information has obviously not left a good taste in the mouth of those involved. At UpperEdge, we have heard directly from our clients that they are growing more and more upset with Oracle’s approach to the market. In fact, Oracle’s strategy has been referred to, in many respects probably rightfully so, as a straightforward scare tactic.

There is no question that the ruling on this lawsuit has the potential to change the entire industry- and by subpoenaing Rimini Street’s clients, Oracle is making a clear statement that it is ready to do whatever it takes, at whatever cost, to protect their highly valuable maintenance revenue streams.