Rimini Street’s Record-Breaking Q1 – Oracle’s Support Revenue Under Attack

Rimini Street, a leading 3rd party software support provider recently released  strong Q1 results recording its highest quarterly revenue ever and quarterly sales bookings growth of more than 100%. This certainly suggests that their customer base (56 of the Fortune 500 and 14 of the Global 100) sees value in the software support services provided by Rimini Street. More broadly and perhaps most importantly, it also is a strong indicator that the market specifically considers 3rd party software support to be a viable alternative to carrying maintenance with enterprise software providers like Oracle. (Rimini Street also provides support for SAP customers).

You can be sure these results have made their way up the chain of command at Oracle. By choosing Rimini Street’s offering, the market is demonstrating it is unperturbed by the Oracle v. Rimini Street lawsuit and that it is not worried that the court’s upcoming decision will fall against Rimini Street.

These results also show that the market is not only unhappy with the value they are currently receiving from Oracle’s software support offering, but they are fed up with the maintenance shackles they feel Oracle has placed on them. Their confidence in Rimini Street is especially noteworthy when you consider what could happen if Oracle were to win the lawsuit. It is also apparent that current and new Rimini Street customers are choosing Rimini Street despite Oracle’s scare tactics. Overall it shows that organizations are sick of Oracle’s approach to the market and have a growing preference to use a 3rd party software support provider such as Rimini Street or Spinnaker Support.

Oracle can’t be too excited that Rimini Street has recently achieved the highest quarterly revenue in the company’s history considering the effort Oracle has taken with the scare tactics and the impending lawsuit. Clearly 3rd party software support is a vibrant market- a true alternative to Oracle’s golden goose: support revenues.

If you are one of the many organizations looking to break away from Oracle’s maintenance shackles, viable alternatives such as those offered by Rimini Street and Spinnaker Support are certainly worth considering. Many organizations have been able to re-negotiate their overall deal constructs to include the reduction of Oracle support fees through these 3rd party support solutions and the help of strategic advice and actionable insights.

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