UpperEdge Rates Audit Risk for Oracle Customers


Oracle customers concerned about potentially being selected for an audit often share the same feelings, fear and anxiety of the unknown. These audit claims have become a costly issue due to the complexity of Oracle’s licensing policies.

Now, based upon our research and experience working with Oracle customers, UpperEdge is introducing a fast, easy, and complimentary web-based Oracle Audit Exposure Risk Assessment. This tool is designed to help Oracle licensees assess their likelihood of being audited and understand which factors contribute to their exposure level.

Key features of the assessment tool include:

  • Fast: 15 question assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • Easy: Web-based tool accessible on your desktop or mobile device
  • Tailored Insight: Automatically generated personalized assessment report based on proprietary algorithm and provided directly to the user’s email address

The self-assessment tool asks organizations a series of 15 high-level questions covering IT system architecture, licensing usage, and overall Oracle investment/relationship. Based on the user’s answers to those questions, an assessment report will be automatically generated and offered at no cost. This personalized assessment report will provide an overall licensing audit risk exposure level for an organization and identify specific licensing compliance risk areas to address. The tool considers several factors that have been identified to be primary triggers that could generate an audit.

The Oracle Audit Risk Exposure Assessment can be accessed here.

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