SAP Announces New S4/HANA Release. What CIOs and CPOs Should Do Immediately

John_20150825_SAP_S4HANAToday in Barcelona, Spain SAP announced the latest release of S/4HANA. This update for both onsite and cloud additions boasts the capabilities consistent with the operations and logistics release SAP promised earlier in 2015. Per SAP’s news release, this update will provide customers with simplifications and innovations including:

  • Optimized working capital with new accounts payable and receivable cockpits
  • Decreased stock buffers with a simplified data model in inventory management for real-time, high-volume processing
  • Increased visibility with real-time insight into stock and material flow
  • Reduced manufacturing cycle time with streamlined material flow for internal requirements and material requirements planning
  • Augmented reactivity with real-time monitoring of production orders for flow and critical issues
  • Improved operational decisions with easier simulation of supply alternatives
  • Lower procurement costs with standard integration to the Ariba Network
  • Better customer service with a new sales order fulfillment cockpit to help identify bottlenecks and issues instantly

These new innovations will likely draw the attention of manufacturing operating officers that are already sitting on a sizable SAP investment and looking to take the next step along the productivity journey promised by SAP. Building a real business case to move to SAP’s next generation just became more feasible.

Earlier this year UpperEdge posted our recommendations to CIOs and CPOs that will allow your organization to position itself to obtain the best future pricing from SAP. These new announcements by SAP should increase the sense of urgency with which these recommendations are adopted.

If you would benefit from additional leverage in your negotiations with SAP please contact UpperEdge or email John Belden, [email protected] for any questions and concerns on how we can help.


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