SAP Indirect Use Claims on the Rise: UpperEdge Launches Risk Analyzer Tool

UpperEdge has observed a substantial rise in SAP Indirect Access non-compliance claims against organizations said to be breaching or exceeding SAP’s definition of “use”. These Indirect Access claims have become a significant and costly issue for an increasing number of SAP customers. When these claims arise, many SAP customers find themselves caught off guard, and flabbergasted by the magnitude of claimed license and back maintenance fees, because there has historically been little communication on the issue and SAP’s definition of “use” is vaguely defined in its license agreements.

Because Indirect Access scenarios have gone relatively unchecked for so long, SAP customers have been internally and externally motivated to integrate and extend their SAP environment to non-SAP applications and users to create additional collaborative use cases with their business partners (suppliers, distributors, customers). In order to help those organizations that are both aware and unaware of these Indirect Access claims, we have created a SAP Indirect Access Risk Assessment Tool to help assess the likelihood of a non-compliance event being raised and the associated magnitude of the risk. Our SAP Indirect Access Risk Assessment Tool takes less than 5 minutes of your time to complete. The tool considers several factors that have been primary indicators of Indirect Access non-compliance events to generate an executive summary of your risk profile.  This risk profile also includes a quantification of your potential fee exposure based upon how SAP has approached and resolved Indirect Access claims in other customer situations.

Indirect Access is an issue CIOs and IT executives simply cannot afford to ignore. UpperEdge has been a leader in driving awareness to the SAP customer base and in preparing customers for this critically important issue.  While SAP may have been indifferent to expanded use through Indirect Access in the past, they have changed their tune and you cannot afford to be caught off guard. To use our SAP Indirect Access Risk Assessment Tool please click here.

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