SAP Indirect Use Claims on the Rise

In light of SAP’s caution high fees aheadQ2 FY2013 performance, UpperEdge has seen a rise in SAP Indirect Access non-compliance claims. Claims of unlicensed activities associated with Indirect Access have become a significant and costly issue for an increasing number of SAP customers.  Indirect Access violations occur when an SAP licensee breaches or exceeds SAP’s definition of “use”, which is often not clearly defined in a customer’s license agreement. As stated in the Computer World article that sheds light on these costly software practices, SAP is being very opportunistic in accounts where they already have a strong presence and with customers who have deeply integrated their SAP environments with third party software. The concept of Indirect Access deserves your attention because it can expose both old and new SAP customers to substantial unplanned and unbudgeted incremental license and maintenance fees.

UpperEdge has been a pioneer in driving awareness to the SAP customer base for this critically important issue.  We have also provided thought leadership to customers looking to mitigate or eliminate the associated threat of Indirect Access. Indirect Access is an issue CIOs simply cannot afford to ignore. While SAP may have been indifferent to expanded use through Indirect Access in the past, they have changed their tune and you cannot afford to be caught off guard.

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