Establishing the business case for an IT-enabled transformation lays the foundation for program success.  The business case is crucial to establishing an effective governance structure, and when done properly, helps identify the optimum scope for implementation.

Business Case Proposal Evaluation

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Our expert advisors can assist your team in the evaluation of supplier proposals to build the business case for your program. We provide detailed project and commercial comparisons of the supplier’s proposals, ensuring the scope and assumptions align with a successful program start.

Deliverable Reviews

Our expert advisors review and comment on business case deliverables as they are provided by your chosen supplier. Our review ensures the deliverables are in compliance with what was defined and secured in the contract. As a final review, we will validate that the business case established is consistent in structure with business cases that have been successfully leveraged on other transformation programs.

Benchmark Expected Costs

Our review consists of providing an independent assessment of the expected transformation costs inclusive of software, maintenance, and internal and external labor. Our data-driven assessment is based on recent, relevant, and similarly situated transformation programs.

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Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Assessments

Utilizing our proprietary risk modeling tools, we can provide your team with an initial risk assessment of your program and corresponding risk mitigation recommendations. In addition, we will evaluate and advise on the magnitude of contingency that should be considered for your program given the initial risk profile.

RFP Mobilization

At the conclusion of the business case, we can assist you with rapidly turning the business case into RFP documents that can be used to engage application and implementation providers.

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