Program Execution Optimization

Clients who initially engaged UpperEdge to complement them with their enterprise transformation program sourcing, selection, and contract negotiation needs have realized tremendous program value by continuing to engage UpperEdge during the program execution phase. UpperEdge’s full lifecycle of support empowers our clients to select the right partners, establish contracts that drive program success, and execute in such a manner that they are maximizing the value they receive from their key transformation suppliers. When it comes to transformational programs, we like to say we wrote the text book on supplier value extraction.

Service Provider Deliverable Reviews

Customer InitiativesUnderstanding “what good looks like” is a critical factor in maximizing the value of your supplier relationships. By engaging UpperEdge’s Program Execution Optimization service, you can be confident that the deliverables you contracted for with your service provider are of the quality and completeness you would expect from top tier firms.  Review and approve cycles on critical deliverables can be very tight on these programs leading to rubber stamping or approving with exception scenarios. Our service provides for a comprehensive review of select deliverables eliminating our clients’ susceptibility to future change orders.

Project Plan Evaluation & Risk Assessments

UpperEdge takes a holistic approach to project plan evaluations and risk assessments. We focus primarily on the proactive identification of risk and then educating your team on leading practices and practical alternatives for managing and mitigating risk.  Our project plan evaluations focus on holding key suppliers accountable to the work contracted so our clients do not experience an inappropriate transfer of risk back to their internal teams.

Our teams meshed really well together. UpperEdge has a unique approach to providing transformation program advisory services. We were able to provide UpperEdge information about our program and without a lot of interviews and consultations, they were able to come back with very valuable recommendations and guidance. This is some of the best money we have ever spent on our program.

Program Management Office, Oil and Energy Corporation

Incremental Statement of Work Development & Assessment

Transformational programs go through many phases, waves, and deployments.  Often times these segments of work are accompanied by additional statements of work.  UpperEdge provides detailed assessments of these incremental statements of work to ensure they are aligned with the productivity standards established in the initial proposal and to determine if they are incorporating the expected leverage from previous phases.  A pre-SOW execution risk review is also conducted to ensure our clients understand the key risk components and have an opportunity to address them before SOW finalization.

Change Order Evaluation & Negotiation

It would be highly unusual for a transformational program to run its full lifecycle without several change orders. Change orders can often times be significant involving changes in scope, timing, participation, and fees. UpperEdge reviews and assesses these change orders to determine the validity and consistency with which they were estimated. Our change order assessments are fact-based and often lead to further negotiation of the change order so it aligns with previously baselined estimating factors.

Building a Path to Self-Sufficiency

Often times our clients realize midway through their program that their program skills have matured and capacity has become available whereby they are now in a position to assume a greater role on the program. Assuming a greater role in leadership and other areas affords our clients the ability to reduce reliance on their key supplier while reducing overall program costs without negatively impacting the risk profile of the program.