We complement our client teams during the sourcing, selection, and negotiation phases of their transformation journey. Our clients are empowered with proven tools, templates, market intelligence, and analytical models that enable them to select the right IT partner and negotiate with confidence. Our deep database of market and supplier intelligence improves the quality of IT partner selection decision making and ensures you have a deal that drives program success.

End-to-End Support for Your Most Critical Projects

RFx to Contract Award

Working behind-the-scenes or side-by-side, we support you throughout the entire IT sourcing process. From construction of the RFx, to partner evaluation, to negotiation and then signing of the contract, we provide expert guidance that is supported with the use of analytical models and precise market data to ensure best-in-class arrangements with your key suppliers.

Competitive Evaluations or Sole Source Deals

We support clients in both competitive and sole source supplier situations. In either case, we provide an independent evaluation of the proposals, validates the pricing and estimates, and assists in the manufacturing of contract negotiation leverage so our clients can achieve market competitive agreements.

We Support Numerous Types of Transactions

Enterprise Applications

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We provide commercial advisory services for large and mid-size companies that are establishing relationships with tier 1 and 2 enterprise application suppliers. We have dedicated practices for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, and a horizontal application practice for all other enterprise application suppliers. We have deep expertise and market intelligence for ERP and all the horizontal applications that surround the enterprise. Understanding “what good looks like” for your next deal is a significant component of our value proposition.

IT Services

Given our focus on enterprise applications, we focus our IT services commercial advisory practice on system implementation, application hosting, and application maintenance and support agreements. Our value proposition is centered on establishing the appropriate baseline of service to cost, and establishing highly flexible, agile, and scalable agreements that will deliver long-term sustainable value. Our methodology is 100% fact-based and data-driven which ensures all supplier discussions are productive.