When uncommon or infrequent events occur within a company, many IT suppliers see these events as opportunities to capitalize on additional customer revenue. UpperEdge has spent a significant amount of time considering and advising on these various situations. Let us help you level the playing field and guide your team through these challenging IT service sourcing events.

UpperEdge assists you and your team with the challenges associated with changing IT suppliers. We support you in the development of your supplier strategy and the associated contract negotiations so you achieve your IT management objectives.

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Program Turnarounds: Independent Risk & Opportunity Assessment

IT enabled transformations are never a straight path to improved performance. Some studies have suggested that more than 65% of transformation programs go significantly over budget or worse yet, create operational performance problems. At times, it can be difficult to understand exactly why these large programs are not progressing as planned. Systems integrators are often too deeply invested in the program to provide an unbiased view of the situation.

At UpperEdge, we take an analytical, data driven approach to providing our program execution advisory services. Utilizing our database of transformation programs, we provide our clients with an unbiased read on how their transformation program is progressing compared to other similarly sized programs.

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Acquisition/Divestiture Support

At times, organizations may go through events that present a significant amount of organizational change. These types of events present significant openings for IT suppliers to take an opportunistic approach with an existing customer. UpperEdge assists companies during an acquisition or divesture so they can avoid unfavorable IT supplier cost swings and realize key IT synergy targets.

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