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IT enabled transformations are never a straight path to improved performance. Some studies have suggested that more than 65% of transformations go significantly over budget or worse yet, create operating performance problems. At times, it can be difficult to understand exactly why these large programs are not progressing as planned. Systems integrators are often too deeply invested in the program to provide an unbiased view of the situation.

At UpperEdge, we take an analytical/ data driven approach in providing our strategic sourcing analysis. Utilizing our database of transformation programs, we provide our customers with an unbiased read on how transformation programs are progressing vs other similar size programs.

"UpperEdge did an outstanding job assisting us throughout our negotiation process. The combination of the market and vendor intelligence UpperEdge provided, along with their negotiation strategy and communication approach, enabled us to achieve a deal that far exceeded our expectations going in. For any organization looking for a proven process and an edge in negotiating with their strategic IT partners, I have no hesitation in recommending they contact UpperEdge."

- Chief Information Officer, Energy & Infrastructure Company