Exclusive SAP ECC to S/4 Promotion

Competitive pressures, mergers & acquisitions and SAP’s commitment to de-support ECC by 2025 are driving renewed investment in digital transformations.  For most existing SAP customers, an SAP ECC migration to S/4HANA will become a centerpiece of enabling these transformative initiatives. 

Assessing and understanding the various S/4 migration options, pros/cons, operational impacts, risks, benefits, costs, sequencing, timing and sourcing strategies requires immense diligence given the breadth of current SAP customer landscapes.

At UpperEdge, we know SAP customers are at various stages of their journey in assessing and making the migration to S/4. We also understand the criticality of having a well thought out approach for making the jump to S/4 and the importance of knowing how the market is evolving.

Learn more about our SAP Commercial Advisory Services or continue below to see if you qualify for one of our exclusive, complimentary (that’s right – we mean free!) advisory offerings based upon where you are in your current ECC to S/4 Journey. 

Consultations Provided by Industry Practice Leaders:

Optimize Your ECC to S/4HANA Journey

Journey to S/4HANA

Customer demands, mergers and acquisitions, and the competitive landscape across all industries are driving digital transformation initiatives.  For many organizations, an SAP ECC to S/4HANA migration is the centerpiece enabling these initiatives. 

Unfortunately, the experiences of past ERP projects present leaders of these next generation initiatives with a highly skeptical Board of Directors who want to understand why they should have confidence in the strategy, business case, and execution plan being presented to them.

Every day our team of dedicated SAP advisors, comprised of former transformation program and sourcing leaders, are supporting organizations making this journey.  We understand the ECC to S/4HANA journey and the actions you must take during the strategy development and sourcing execution phases in order to set a solid foundation for your program.

Where Are You in Your ECC to S/4 Journey?





Enterprises starting to think about and evaluate why and how to make the journey to S/4

Enterprises preparing to engage SAP and/or a consulting firm to evaluate options and build a business case

Enterprises currently engaged with SAP and/or a consulting firm and preparing to present a business case

Enterprises soliciting an SAP S/4 software proposal and/or preparing to evaluate system implementation firms

S/4 Overall Readiness Consultation


This readiness assessment and readout highlights the major steps in developing the S/4 roadmap.

It also includes overlooked gaps and key considerations that will impact the effectiveness of your S/4 journey.

S/4 Key Considerations Consultation


This executive-level readout and discussion covers S/4 license constructs, ECC to S/4 license conversion methods, optimization approaches, runtime vs. enterprise licensing, Digital/Indirect Access, and SAP infrastructure options.

It also provides various approaches and best practices for soliciting a comprehensive S/4 roadmap and includes an executive-level inventory of key decisions required to complete the road-mapping process.

S/4 Sourcing & Negotiation Readiness Consultation


This executive-level readout and discussion covers the key sourcing and negotiation considerations that are critical to the success of your S/4 project.

It also provides strategies for achieving competitive pricing and commercial terms with a focus on improving your relationship with SAP and/or your chosen consulting firm.

S/4 Proposal Assessment and/or Implementation Risk Consultation


This executive-level mark-to-market assessment of SAP’s software migration proposal identifies overlooked gaps, significant risks, and key considerations.

Enterprises preparing to evaluate system implementation firms will benefit from a review and discussion that focuses on maximizing the value of their S/4 system implementation firm.