Often times, companies are pressed with audit inquiries or served unfavorable audit report results of which they do not agree. UpperEdge’s audit defense and resolution service is focused on independently assessing your software compliance exposure and then presenting proven approaches for minimizing any associated impact.

Audit Self-Assessment

We provide audit self-assessment services to companies proactively looking to understand their potential software compliance risk or companies that have already been served an audit report. Our clients gain a clear understanding of their software supplier’s licensing, pricing, and audit practices. We conduct detailed reviews of our client’s agreements to identify the contract terms and provisions we know the software supplier will leverage to justify its audit findings and then conduct an analysis of your actual software use versus your contractual entitlements in order to quantify the potential financial exposure. Lastly, we identify the proven levers and strategies for minimizing all identified risks.

Audit Defense & Resolution

We provide advisory support to companies looking to defend and resolve unjustified audit claims. We focus on executing on the levers and strategy defined during the self-assessment in order to minimize the overall financial risk. Utilizing our supplier business practice knowledge and repository of market intelligence from previously negotiated and resolved software audit findings empowers our clients to significantly reduce their current and future exposure.