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How Competitive is Your Workday Deal?

SmartDeal is the Easiest Way to Find Out How Your Workday Deal Compares to the Market

Whether you are looking to get the best deal on a new purchase or want to ensure your current terms are competitive before entering renewal negotiations, SmartDeal can help.

Based on the hundreds of Workday proposals and agreements we have reviewed as part of our client engagements, we have built a massive database of Workday-specific pricing and commercial term benchmarks. SmartDeal can assess the competitiveness of your Workday deal by comparing your pricing and key business terms to other similar-sized deals in our proprietary database.


The data we collect to conduct the assessment is never sold or shared.


Our proprietary assessment tool enables quick and accurate results.


The assessment considers your unique situation, industry, and deal size.

How it works

Tell Us About Your Deal

Answer a few simple questions about your company and the size of your current Workday proposal or deal.

Get Your Results

We conduct an executive-level review with your team to provide the results of your assessment and highlight the key areas that present an opportunity for improvement.

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SmartDeal Compares Your Deal to Similar-sized Deals

SmartDeal uses a massive database of proprietary pricing and commercial term benchmarks to rate key terms in your contract or proposal on a scale from Out-of-Market to Best-in-Class.

Negotiate a More Competitive Workday Deal

Use the results of your assessment to prioritize your opportunities for improvement and be better prepared for your negotiation or use our experts to confidently negotiate reduced pricing and more competitive commercial terms.

1. What areas do you cover in a free assessment?

Our assessment will cover the following business areas:

  • Total Pricing
  • Pricing Predictability
  • Licensing Flexibility
  • Risk Mitigation

2. How much does a SmartDeal assessment cost?

The assessment is completely free. Once you get your results, you can choose to upgrade to leverage our fact-based sourcing strategies and end-to-end negotiation advisory services.

3. Who will have access to the results of our assessment?

The specific assessment results will only be sent to you. Confidentiality is a priority at UpperEdge and only the advisors conducting the assessment will have access to your specifics. We are an independent company that has no commercial partnerships with any suppliers, and the data we collect is never sold or shared.

4. Can we execute an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) before sharing our Workday information?

Absolutely. UpperEdge has a standard NDA or we can sign your organization’s NDA. This is a fast process and can usually be completed within 24 hours after receipt.

Still Have Questions?