Oracle Commercial Advisory Services

Maximize Your Oracle Investment

Oracle is notorious for its complex and everchanging licensing policies, ruthless audits, and aggressive sales tactics. Once you become a customer, it is extremely difficult to walk away.  Simply put, Oracle can be a challenge to work with.

But when armed with relevant market intelligence and the right tailored approach, it is possible to lower your Oracle costs, reduce audit risks, and improve your overall relationship.

We have the tools and know-how to help you get the most from your Oracle investment.

Oracle Practice by the Numbers

$2B in Total Cost of Ownership

> 20,000 Price Points

> 18 Years of Experience

35x Return on Investment

We Return Negotiation Power to You

Oracle’s staff are expert negotiators who are trained to do everything in their power to negotiate a contract that highly favors Oracle. Our goal is to empower you to negotiate a fair deal that benefits you, while also strengthening your Oracle relationship.

Our extensive knowledge of Oracle’s decision-making process enables us to formulate a negotiation strategy and communication approach that influences Oracle’s natural process to achieve your desired outcomes. We understand that every relationship is unique, which is why we employ a highly flexible methodology that enables us to develop a strategy that aligns with your specific requirements.

We take a holistic approach to the relationship across a multitude of commercial issues unlike some of our competitors who focus solely on initial cost savings which can result in hidden downstream cost exposure.

With Us in Your Corner, You Can:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Mitigate Hidden Downstream Costs
  • Achieve a Highly Competitive Deal
  • Proactively Mitigate Compliance Exposure
  • Establish Senior and Executive Level Relationships with Oracle
  • Gain Flexibility to Manage Changes in Business Requirements
  • Right-size Your Software Investment
  • Gain Transparency and Predictability

Oracle QuickCasts

Bite-Sized Previews of Our Oracle Webcasts

Oracle Webcasts

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Learn the ins and outs of Oracle’s Fusion ERP strategy and gain tips for navigating Oracle's land and expand sales approach.
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Learn the sales tactics Oracle uses to prematurely drive customers to the cloud and how to fend off Oracle’s advances or capitalize on this opportunity.
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Avoid Being Victimized by Oracle's Audit Exploitations
This webcast removes some of the mystery behind Oracle audits and provides a game plan to tackle an audit head-on.
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We Provide Highly Customized Deliverables in Every Client Engagement

Baseline Assessment

 A mark-to-market assessment of your current Oracle relationship that identifies pricing and commercial terms that can be improved.  Includes identification of potential lost value tied to underutilization.   

Highly Customized Negotiation Strategy

A holistic go-forward negotiation strategy and roadmap that maximizes your leverage so you can achieve a highly competitive deal within your desired timeframe.  

Executive Meeting Agendas and Talking Points

Highly customized and tailored talking points that empower you to persuade senior and executive Oracle leadership to approve non-standard discounting and commercial terms. 

Proposal Solicitation and Commercial Term Sheets

A detailed and tailored document for soliciting a comprehensive proposal from Oracle that addresses all of the short and long-term financial and commercial elements unique to an Oracle relationship. 

Counter Proposal

Our recommended counter proposal to Oracle’s commercial term sheet response inclusive of supporting rationale to address the specific positions Oracle has taken.   

In-depth Contract Reviews

A detailed contract review with customized recommendations that enable and empower you to address and capture all agreed upon commercial terms with Oracle. 

Mitigate Oracle Audit Exposure Risk

As a customer, you bear the burden of ensuring your organization remains compliant at all times, but Oracle makes understanding your license entitlements and usage a challenge.

Oracle’s complex licensing policies can change anytime and don’t exist in one central place.  Some can be in your contract while others are in website URLs that Oracle can modify without your knowledge.

Oracle Audit Resolution Services

If you already received an audit notification letter from Oracle, rest assured that there is still hope. You should never accept Oracle’s findings without confirming them yourself.

In addition to assessing your terms and license usage in comparison to Oracle’s claims, we will create a customized strategy for negotiating with Oracle and reducing the cost of their audit findings.

Our Baseline Assessment uses Oracle’s current policies to determine your potential compliance and cost exposure as well as identify optimization opportunities.  This gives you the opportunity to proactively take corrective action internally to reduce your out-of-compliance exposure and empowers you to approach Oracle in a manner of your choosing to negotiate any required license purchases.

Business man clicking on an Audit computer panel

Oracle Audit Defense

All Oracle customers are at risk of being audited but some are more so than others. For instance, organizations using virtualization tools such as VMware may be at a higher risk.

In less than 10 minutes, our proprietary Oracle Audit Exposure Risk Assessment Tool will assess your organization’s likelihood of being audited and help you understand the primary factors that can trigger an audit.  If there is a high risk of being audited, a Baseline Assessment would provide you with the necessary information so you can adjust your license usage and future purchase requirements to correct any areas that are out of compliance.

How does it work?  It’s simple:

  1. Answer 15 high-level questions about your IT system architecture, licensing usage, and overall Oracle relationship.
  2. Receive a personalized assessment report with your overall audit risk exposure level and specific high-risk areas.

Complimentary Java Compliance Self-Assessment Guide

Want an Oracle Negotiation Expert on Your Side?

Let us know your situation by contacting us at 617-412-4313 or sending an email to [email protected]. If you would prefer to be contacted, please provide the following information so we can better serve and support your inquiry.