NEW: Obtain Oracle SaaS Pricing with Free Estimate Calculator

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When current and prospective Oracle customers are considering Oracle’s cloud products, one of the first questions they want to answer is how much it will cost. Oracle is one of the rare providers that has their price book published publicly, but it can be difficult to find that document which is buried deep on their website. Plus, the Oracle SaaS pricing book is a PDF document, so once you have access to it, you must manually enter prices for your products into a spreadsheet to calculate their total costs – a time-consuming effort with potential for error.

Some customers make the mistake of going straight to Oracle for a Request for Quote (RFQ) that gives them their product pricing estimate, but be warned – asking Oracle directly for a pricing estimate triggers an aggressive sales cycle that your organization may not be ready to navigate. We do not recommend going to Oracle until you have a good understanding of what products and quantities you are looking for.

Another challenge customers face around Oracle pricing is identifying which products to include in their estimate. At times, Oracle customers may need a rough estimate of total costs but may not know exactly which products they need or want in their bill of materials. Even if you can access the Oracle price book, it can be difficult to obtain an accurate cost estimate without knowing which products are popular or recommended for your given needs.

Overcome Oracle Pricing Challenges with Our Easy-to-use Estimate Calculator

UpperEdge works with clients every day that are trying to reconcile Oracle pricing and product adoption issues. Since we’ve seen firsthand how much of a time-consuming hassle this can be, we created a free Oracle Pricing Calculator that helps you prepare an accurate estimate of the cost of your Oracle bill of materials based on the following initiatives:

  • HCM Cloud Applications
  • ERP Solutions
  • Oracle EPM
  • Sales and Services

With our free Oracle SaaS Pricing Calculator, you can select the products that are in scope for your initiatives, and the calculator will provide a snapshot of the different metrics associated with each product, allow you to enter quantities for each product based on your current needs, and provide an estimated total cost for all the Oracle products you are considering based on the quantities you provide.

Oracle Calculator Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1: Example Product Snapshot for Each Oracle Product

Not sure which Oracle products you should use and include in your bill of materials? The Oracle Pricing Calculator references our proprietary database to list which products are most popular in each initiative to help you gauge what could work best with your scope and budget. You can easily sort by popular products when adding products to your estimate.

Oracle Calculator Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2: Estimate after adding products and quantities. Products not shown included in Total Annual List Fee.

Save and Create Multiple Estimates

The Oracle Pricing Calculator also allows you to create multiple estimates and save them estimates to your profile. You can revisit those estimates later for revisions or price comparisons. For example, if you are taking on an Oracle HCM initiative, but may add an Oracle ERP initiative down the line, you can save your HCM cost estimates and add more products under a different category later. You can also create a new estimate that combines your initiatives and compares it to the original HCM estimate.

A Simple and Accurate Way to Estimate Oracle Fusion Costs

Oracle customers are often under pressure to obtain comprehensive pricing data that reflects what their current and future Oracle costs will look like. Plus, Procurement and Line of Business executives need to build a robust product portfolio that will deliver the highest ROI for the lowest price possible. Solving these challenges is no easy task, but it is critical to ensure you avoid purchasing shelfware and meet your company’s needs while staying in budget.

Oracle pricing doesn’t have to be confusing and difficult to navigate. Try out our free Oracle Pricing Calculator today and schedule a meeting with one of our expert Oracle advisors to discuss your estimates and how you can obtain competitive pricing and commercial terms.