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When mixing internal resources with outside consultants, I am always concerned they won’t integrate well.  With UpperEdge, I was amazed how well they snapped into the overall team.  They provide their expertise, but it’s delivered in a way that complements the work provided by other subject matter experts—as if they have always been part of our internal team.  They are a great fit with IT, Procurement, Legal and other external partners.  UpperEdge consistently brings the right people to the table with the knowledge that we need to drive to the best possible outcomes for Trinseo.
Rick Fabrizio, Global CIO, Trinseo LLC

Manage Your SAP Relationship Throughout Transformational Projects

Transformational projects are complex on many levels.  Not only are they disruptive to your internal operations but they require you to reassess all of your SAP agreements and redefine your relationship with SAP.  

 Managing your project while managing SAP can be a challenge, especially since SAP sees these events as sales opportunities and knows you’re working within strict time constraints.  SAP already has a significant advantage at the negotiation table and these types of situations only enhance their leverage. 

 Having advised on over 450 SAP negotiations, we have the market intelligence to level the playing field.   

We have no commercial relationships with SAP and focus solely on ensuring you get the most from your SAP investment.

We Provide Highly Customized Deliverables in Every Client Engagement

Baseline Assessment

 A mark-to-market assessment of your current SAP relationship that identifies pricing and commercial terms that can be improved.  Includes identification of potential lost value tied to underutilization.   

Highly Customized Negotiation Strategy

A holistic go-forward negotiation strategy and roadmap that maximizes your leverage so you can achieve a highly competitive deal within your desired timeframe.  

Executive Meeting Agendas and Talking Points

Highly customized and tailored talking points that empower you to persuade senior and executive SAP leadership to approve non-standard discounting and commercial terms. 

Proposal Solicitation and Commercial Term Sheets

A detailed and tailored document for soliciting a comprehensive proposal from SAP that addresses all of the short and long-term financial and commercial elements unique to an SAP relationship. 

Counter Proposal

Our recommended counter proposal to SAP’s commercial term sheet response inclusive of supporting rationale to address the specific positions SAP has taken.   

In-depth Contract Reviews

A detailed contract review with customized recommendations that enable and empower you to address and capture all agreed upon commercial terms with SAP. 

We Benchmark All SAP Agreement Types:

SAPs On-Premise GTC 

Optimize Your SAP S/4HANA Migration

With mainstream support for SAP’s ECC platform set to expire in 2025, the pressure to migrate to S/4HANA is intensifying.  

Transformational initiatives are already extremely complex, but the risk profile of such initiatives is further compounded when you factor in migration to a new platform Initiatives like these require thorough planning and ongoing relationship management.  

We use fact-based methodologies to stagecraft your entire engagement with SAP and will provide customized strategies for achieving a smooth and successful migration.

With Us on Your Side, You Can:

  • Reduce and mitigate your risk
  • Elevate your executive level relationships with SAP
  • Avoid unnecessary costs
  • Achieve non-standard discounting and commercial terms
  • Secure price protections and contractual flexibility

SAP Practice by the Numbers

40X Average Return on Investment

>17 Years of Experience

>450 SAP Transactions

Is Your Organization at Risk of Being Audited by SAP?

We have years of experience advising SAP customers on how to successfully resolve Indirect Access claims and mitigate future risk.  Since the most challenging aspect of these claims lies in the definition of “use” itself, we developed an assessment tool to help you understand your compliance exposure – and it takes less than 5 minutes.

How Does it Work?

Simply answer 7 short questions and our SAP Indirect Access tool will consider several factors that have been primary indicators of Indirect Access non-compliance events.  You will then receive an executive summary of your risk profile, including your potential fee exposure.

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