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CIO, F500 Industrial Supply Company

Cultivating an SAP relationship can be complex, from managing transformational programs and expanding into SAP cloud solutions, to conducting software and services contract negotiations, and assessing and mitigating compliance risk.

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  • Seasoned IT sourcing and negotiation practitioners with over 17 years of industry advisory experience
  • Experts in negotiating over 350 agreements including on-premise SAP licensing (ECC, HANA), SAP cloud agreements (S/4HANA, Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, SuccessFactors) and SAP professional services contracts (MaxAttention)
  • Proficiency with a wide range of SAP relationship profiles, including strategic agreements, contract renegotiations, renewals, mergers and acquisitions, and audit resolution
  • Access to a comprehensive database of SAP pricing and commercial benchmarks across all SAP software types, cloud deals and professional services
  • Accelerators that facilitate knowledge transfer of SAP business processes, ongoing relationship management techniques to improve outcomes, and development and execution of negotiation strategies


  • Touchstone Assessments: Conduct comprehensive baseline assessments of your SAP relationship health, agreement, and license optimization opportunities, and quantification of existing and future Indirect Access risk, informing your next generation relationship strategy
  • Negotiation Execution: Develop an SAP negotiation strategy, including negotiation preparation and commercial, audit remediation with full contract negotiation support
  • Managed Services: Provide ongoing relationship management support involving negotiations, software optimization, and compliance management, throughout the term of your agreement


  • Facilitated and negotiated SAP savings over $300M annually
  • 40x average return on UpperEdge investment
  • Advised on over $250M of potential SAP Indirect Use compliance claims
  • Mitigated downstream risks through protections that provided transparency, predictability, and flexibility to adjust terms
  • Established an executive-level relationship between the company and SAP, helping to create alignment and a clearer understanding of long-term needs and transformation plans

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