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As hyperscalers hit prime time, companies with broader transformation roadmaps can now look to them for their infrastructure, platform, and partner ecosystem to manage the more strategic components of their overall strategy. But the decision to leverage a hyperscaler is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are a series of interrelated decisions regarding a hyperscaler’s services and support ecosystem, requiring an integrated approach to developing a sourcing and negotiation strategy.

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Demystifying the ERP Hosting Market

The technical and financial benefits of hosting SAP workloads with a hyperscaler are well documented, a customer’s third-party support options are not. Far more IT leaders are setting aside their reservations with the public cloud and diving right in.

Hyperscaler Case Studies

UpperEdge is a leading advisor supporting organizations that evaluate and negotiate the full complement of hyperscaler and associated third-party services, such as implementations and cloud managed services. Leveraging our extensive base of market intelligence and sourcing expertise, we collaborate with our clients to optimize the cost and value of their resulting relationships.

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