Why We Are Different

We know you have choices when selecting a third party advisor to support you with your most important IT sourcing, contract negotiation, and project execution needs. We differentiate ourselves from our competition in four core areas.

I am a customer for life!

Global CIO, Consumer Goods Company, after completing his third engagement with UpperEdge.


At UpperEdge, we are honest brokers and completely unbiased in the way we work with our clients. Since we do not have any business relationships with any of the IT suppliers that are supporting our clients, you never have to worry about us working both sides of the transaction. Our complete independence eliminates any potential conflict of interest and ensures we are 100% focused on the success of our clients.


Adobe     Accenture     Capgemini     Cognizant      Deloitte     EY      IBM      Infor      Infosys      KPMG       Microsoft       Salesforce      SAP      ServiceNow      SuccessFactors      Teradata      TIBCO     Workday …and  many  more!

Our team consists of a combination of legal, procurement, finance, IT, and program management professionals who have worked as both practitioners and trusted advisors. The experience base of the team at UpperEdge includes advising on the sourcing, evaluation, negotiation, and project execution of over $7B worth of contracts and agreements. Our experience spans all of the most prevalent IT suppliers in the marketplace across a wide range of agreements.

Our knowledge of the market combined with our understanding of how to motivate IT suppliers during negotiations and once your project is underway, provides our clients with a genuine and sustainable advantage.

Proprietary Toolbox

We continuously work on improving and enhancing the volume and quality of the market and supplier intelligence we capture. We invest heavily in knowledge assets and the development of tools and technologies that can specifically complement each unique client situation with data-driven analytics and fact-based information.

Database of Supplier Market Intelligence

We continuously add to and update our robust database of IT supplier intelligence. All IT supplier proposals and final agreements are captured, cleansed, and loaded into our proprietary database on a regular basis. Complete deal terms, provisions, rate cards, service provider work, and project estimates are meticulously recorded. Our proprietary database is used in all our client engagements to ensure our clients achieve deals that maximize the value they receive from their key IT supplier relationships.

APEX Analyzer

Using proprietary algorithms, our APEX Analyzer leverages the data from our market intelligence database and applies Monte Carlo simulation modeling techniques to provide our clients with a risk-adjusted view of supplier proposals, estimates, and project work plans. With our APEX Analyzer, our clients can compare and contrast the expected cost and value derived from each supplier proposal in a truly unique and differentiated manner.

Enterprise Application Audit Evaluators

In order to help companies understand and assess their potential enterprise application compliance risk, we developed audit risk analyzer tools that determine the likelihood of a non-compliance event being raised and the associated financial impact. Oracle and SAP audits have been on the rise so it is critical for companies to proactively understand approaches for mitigating the impact. For a pre-read of your SAP risk exposure, try our SAP Indirect Access Risk Assessment Tool. Oracle customers should try our Oracle Audit Risk Analyzer.

End-to-End Service Coverage

We provide end-to-end service support and market intelligence across the full sourcing and project lifecycle. We assist clients in the sourcing, selection, and contract negotiation across the full spectrum of a transformation program and then provide post-contract project execution optimization services so our clients maximize the value they receive from their key transformation suppliers.

We also provide sourcing and negotiation advisory services in discrete areas for key IT renewals or extensions of additional products and services. Our holistic approach factors in the sequencing and timing for provisioning products and services to maximize negotiation leverage while adhering to your project timeline. Our service addresses all financial and commercial elements required to establish a sustainable IT supplier relationship grounded in transparency, predictability, flexibility, and accountability.