12 IT Disasters and the Decisions That Took Them Down

Dec 11, 2018
Domino effect wood blocks

Large IT projects continue to fail at the same rate they have failed for the last 40 years. New software platforms, methodologies, and automation of IT practices have done little to stem the tide of catastrophic failures. Look no further then recent failures like MillerCoors and Bridgestone. And these failures are just the tip of the iceberg.

Most IT failures never make it into the press or into lawsuits and are often concealed relative to their impact on a company’s earnings performance. You would think that after 40 years the industry would have progressed to the point that failures were the exception and not the rule.

In this webinar, UpperEdge will:

• Drill down into several of these disasters to uncover the decisions that resulted in a failed or stopped program

• Identify 3 characteristics these 10 high profile failures have in common

• Establish 4 things that organizations need to get right from the very beginning

• Provide 3 techniques that companies can use to reduce the risks associated with IT programs

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Avoid Being Victimized by Oracle’s Audit Exploitations

Oct 10, 2018
paper boats on sea one being rescued

Oracle audits are feared by many customers and can be a daunting process to go through. This does not have to be the case if you are properly prepared and proactive in your approach. This webinar will remove some of the mystery behind Oracle audits and provide customers with a game plan to tackle an audit head-on.

In this webcast you will learn:
• How Oracle exploits the audit process to manufacture leverage and create sales cycles
• Common customer compliance pitfalls on Oracle’s technology licenses
• What customers can do to get their house in order before an audit
• How best to engage with Oracle to resolve compliance issues

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SAP System Implementation Moneyball: The Secret to Selecting a Winning Team

Aug 28, 2018
tangled web of profiles

Implementing an SAP system is a costly, often multi-year, endeavor. You only get one chance to do it right. Whether you’re evaluating the investment in SAP’s S/4HANA suite or have already made the purchase and are now looking for an SI, this webinar will highlight several key areas often overlooked as you prepare and execute your SI evaluation process.

This webcast will provide crucial insights on:

• Agile, Big Bang or Phased – The impacts your implementation approach has on your SI evaluation
• Resourcing with SAP, your SI, and your own team – 4 things you need to get right when staffing your project
• Sourcing strategies and the impacts of material SI investments
• 3 high profile SI failures and what you can learn from them

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Contracting & Delivering: Enterprise Scale Agile Projects

Apr 24, 2018
Contracting and delivering agile at scale

Implementing agile at global scale introduces new challenges – team sizes are often in the hundreds, implementations are global, compliance is life critical, and the domain is very complex. The larger the project, the greater the risk and need for oversight and constant involvement. When the project is so long, its benefits are often not realized quickly.

This webcast will provide valuable insights on the following:

• Fundamental differences in contracting agile vs more traditional waterfall programs
• 18 structural risks of agile at scale projects
• How to use the contract to transfer and mitigate Agile at scale risks
• Useful measures of vendor performance and accountability for Agile at scale programs
• Basics of incentive structures of Agile at scale contracts
• Useful measures of vendor performance and accountability for Agile at scale programs
• Basics of incentive structures of Agile at scale contracts

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Journey to SAP S/4HANA: What You Need To Know

Mar 13, 2018
SAP ECC S/4HANA webinar

Mainstream support for SAP’s ECC platform is set to expire in 2025, driving companies to make the conversion to SAP S/4HANA. This webcast will provide valuable insights on the following:

• SAP's 2020 Ambitions 
• Defining The S/4 HANA Journey
• Next Generation SAP Agreement 
• Recommended Path Forward

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How to Truly Prepare for Your Microsoft Renewal

Feb 27, 2018
webinar prepare for microsoft renewal

If you are approaching your next Microsoft renewal, this webcast will provide valuable insights, including:

• Outlining how to effectively prepare for your Microsoft renewal
• Providing actionable strategies to increase your leverage with Microsoft
• Techniques to counter Microsoft’s sales tactics come renewal time

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Are You Truly Prepared for Your Salesforce Renewal?

Nov 14, 2017
negotiating cloud agreements

Every cloud solution Salesforce sells comes with a subscription that must be renewed. Their approach to taking advantage of their customers’ inability to walk away once product adoption has occurred has been critical to their success. If you are considering adding Salesforce to your supplier portfolio or are already a customer, this webcast will provide many valuable insights, including:

• Outlining how to effectively prepare for your SFDC renewal
• Providing actionable strategies to increase your leverage with SFDC
• Addressing SFDC’s sales tactics come renewal time

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Sell & Deploy: Oracle’s Sales Strategy and Tactics

Sep 21, 2017

Over the past couple of years, Oracle has been transforming itself from a traditional perpetual license application and database company to a Cloud company offering SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions. If you are an Oracle customer or you're considering an Oracle relationship, it is critical to understand how this transformation and evolution will impact your Oracle relationship.

This webcast will:

• Uncover Oracle’s cloud transformation strategy
• Provide insights on what Oracle’s evolving customer approach and sales team compensation policies mean for you
• Detail the tactics Oracle is using to generate sales opportunities
• Prepare you for Oracle’s approach and enhance your negotiation leverage

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SaaS or License: Consider the Hidden Nuances

Jul 25, 2017
Man Looking at Cloud Tech

Software vendors are pushing hard on cloud-based solutions and they’re highly incented to make SaaS sales. Total cost of use calculations comparing Software as a Service versus the licensing of software are fairly well established, however they only provide a partial answer. This webcast takes a deeper dive into not-so-obvious differences between these options, like the cost of legacy integration.

Experts from the UpperEdge SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Digital practices discussed:

• Business Agility - The masked challenges of SaaS in a growing business
• Enterprise Integrity - A clear understanding of the risks of SaaS to your company
• Time-to-Value - Factors to consider to determine when your investment will really pay off

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Take Proactive Control of Your SAP Licensing, Indirect Usage and Vendor Management

Jun 1, 2017

Annual audits, complex agreements and an evolving SAP ecosystem continue to be significant and costly challenges for SAP customers.

This webcast on SAP license and vendor management covers:

• SAP's approach to software audits
• Consequences of not having control over your SAP relationship including the cost impact based on customer case studies
• Real world customer scenarios of indirect use and significance of the SAP v. Diageo case
• Best practice approaches for getting better management of your SAP relationship-Named User license options, etc.
• Reducing costs by optimizing your SAP named user licenses based on an analysis of real usage data

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SAP Indirect Access: The Best-Run Businesses Are Run by SAP

Mar 30, 2017

The results of the SAP v. Diageo case are compelling executives to assess the state of their SAP relationship and potential financial risk. This webcast will address the significance of indirect access, its impact on architecture and buying decisions, and the importance of getting a proactive handle on your SAP relationship to drive predictable outcomes.

Topics covered during the webcast include:

• SAP’s approach to indirect access and enforcement
• Real world customer scenarios of indirect use
• Significance of the SAP v. Diageo case
• Downstream implications of HANA
• Best practice approaches for assessing and mitigating your indirect use risk

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Why Large IT Programs Crash and Burn

Oct 18, 2016

The same critical success factors and best practices for large IT programs have been around for years. Yet, large IT programs, professionally managed by well-compensated consultants, continue to fail at the same rate they did 20 years ago. The reason for this is not what you think. Our research shows there is a single factor most correlated with project success and your system integrator will likely not to tell you about it.

In this webcast, UpperEdge Governance & Risk Practice Lead, John Belden and CEO David Blake discuss what this critical success factor is and how you can hold your IT consulting partner more accountable to enabling your program

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Managing Your Next Generation SAP Relationship

May 11, 2016

SAP’s ongoing integration of multiple acquisitions, incessant push for the HANA platform and its transformation to the cloud represent new layers of complexity and opportunity for customers. This complexity, coupled with SAP’s approach to software audits and relationship management, is driving customers to proactively reassess their SAP relationship.

In this webcast, UpperEdge SAP Practice Lead, Len Riley and CEO David Blake, discuss how SAP customers are assessing relationship risk, uncovering optimization opportunities, and redefining their next generation relationship with SAP.

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