SAP Indirect Access Resource Center

Indirect Access has become a phrase that often invokes uncertainty in SAP customers and the threat of an audit, or even worse – litigation — can create even more anxiety.

UpperEdge’s SAP Indirect Access Resource Center will provide you with detailed analysis to get you up to speed, sharpen your skills, and give you the tools to ask the right questions.  Our team has partnered on over 350 SAP engagements, allowing Fortune 500 companies to realize over $150M in savings in just the past 6 months. We’ve successfully navigated this issue for these companies with a focus on their long-term SAP relationships and mitigating future risk.

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Risk Assessment Tool

In order to help those organizations that are both aware and unaware of these Indirect Access claims, we have created a SAP Indirect Access Risk Assessment Tool to help assess the likelihood of a non-compliance event being raised and the associated magnitude of the risk.

Our SAP Indirect Access Risk Assessment Tool takes less than 5 minutes of your time to complete. The tool considers several factors that have been primary indicators of Indirect Access non-compliance events to generate an executive summary of your risk profile. This risk profile also includes a quantification of your potential fee exposure based upon how SAP has approached and resolved Indirect Access claims in other customer situations.

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