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SAP Compliance & Audit Advisory Services

Manage & Mitigate Your SAP Audit Risk

SAP customers are under constant threat of an audit and unforeseen financial exposure. Over the years, SAP has clearly demonstrated its commitment to enforcing its license policies through highly integrated sales tactics, audit practices and legal strategies – especially concerning Indirect/Digital Access. We help you navigate these challenges with a focus on your long-term SAP relationship and mitigating future risk.

Our SAP Practice takes a holistic approach to assessing your use of SAP software in its entirety. We empower organizations with the information required to offset the compliance exposure by SAP. On average our baseline assessments have found the following:

$1.6M – $3.6M

Compliance Exposure

30% – 35%

Software Underutilization

$10M – $15M

Value of Unused Software

$2M – $3.5M

Lost Annual Maintenance Value

We Help You Take Control of Your SAP Licensing

Events such as digital transformations, mergers and acquistions, and S/4HANA migrations can wreak havoc on your licensing environment. While you may view these events as disruptive to your business operations, SAP views them as an opportunity to initiate an audit when you’re least prepared.

As a leading advisor to organizations undergoing an SAP audit, we understand the history and evolution of SAP’s Indirect/Digital Access contract and licensing practices. Whether you are considering taking advantage of SAP’s Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) by moving to the Digital Access model  or want to better understand the traditional Indirect Access model, we shed light on SAP’s complex licensing policies and provide the tools and strategies needed to get your SAP licensing under control. 

Indirect Access

Our team understands SAP’s historical approach to providing Indirect Access use rights via user and transaction-based license models.  Our experience provides us with a broad understanding of the different user types and price points SAP has negotiated throughout the years.  If your organization has addressed Indirect Access, we can determine if your deal is market competitive or contains opportunities for improvement.

Digital Access

We are well-versed in SAP’s new Digital Access Program and can determine whether the traditional Indirect Access license scheme or Digital Access license model is most appropriate for your organization.  Our SAP market intelligence and propriety toolset enables us to determine your potential financial risk via the Digital Access model.

We Have Answers

  • Do we understand the different Indirect Access license options?
  • Is the Indirect Access resolution we negotiated competitive?
  • What is my Indirect/Digital Access financial exposure?
  • How do I mitigate my Indirect/Digital Access financial exposure?
  • What is the right license model & financial model for my organization?

What We Provide

  • Market assessment of your contract, commercial terms and pricing
  • Assessment of your license entitlements and license use
  • Monetization of your software license and maintenance underuse/overuse
  • Proven strategies for mitigation of compliance, Indirect/Digital Access risk
  • Comprehensive support during the SAP audit and negotiation process

Our Tools

  • Inventory & Maintenance Optimization Tool
  • Indirect Access Assessment Tool
  • Digital Access Assessment Tool
  • Indirect/Digital Access Pricing Database
  • Indirect/Digital Access Contract Terms Database

SAP Software Licensing:
Indirect/Digital Access and Its Threat to Your Business

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SAP Indirect Access:
The Best-Run Businesses Are Run by SAP

This webcast addresses the significance of Indirect Access, its impact on architecture and buying decisions, and the importance of getting a proactive handle on your SAP relationship to drive predictable outcomes.

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