Maximize the Value You Receive from Your Workday Investment

Workday is a leader in the cloud HCM space and is growing in Finance and other applications.  With a reported 98% customer satisfaction rate, Workday knows they can price their cloud subscriptions at a premium.  Like most major cloud vendors, they are also reluctant to provide potential and current customers with a sufficient level of price transparency.  Workday frequently bundles, prices, and discounts its products in a unique way that makes it particularly challenging to understand just how competitive your deal is.

We empower you with the tools and data you need to gain greater transparency and predictability in your Workday agreement.  In addition to providing up-to-date pricing and discounting benchmarks, we design customer-specific negotiation strategies to manufacture leverage so you can achieve highly competitive pricing and commercial terms with built-in flexibility and price protections.

Gain the UpperEdge Advantage

Discount Benchmarks

Increased Negotiation Leverage

Highly Competitive Pricing

Renewal Term Price Protections

TCO Reduction

Subscription Flexibility

Protect Your Organization from Hidden Downstream Costs

Many Workday customers focus too heavily on obtaining great initial pricing which can lead to unbudgeted downstream costs.  We take a holistic approach to your Workday relationship across a multitude of commercial issues and always consider the long-term.

Our extensive knowledge of Workday’s decision-making process enables us to curate a negotiation strategy and communication approach that influences Workday’s natural process to achieve favorable outcomes. We focus on your overall relationship with Workday and establishing senior and executive-level relationships to further mitigate downstream risks.

Do you worry about paying for cloud subscriptions during implementation before you’re able to actually use the solution?  You aren’t alone.  We’ll help you negotiate price-phased payment structures that better align with value realization and provide the flexibility to adjust usage quantities without suffering price increases.

We Provide Highly Customized Deliverables in Every Client Engagement

Baseline Assessment

A mark-to-market assessment of your current Workday relationship that identifies pricing and commercial terms that can be improved.  Includes identification of potential lost value tied to underutilization.

Highly Customized Negotiation Strategy

A holistic go-forward negotiation strategy and roadmap that maximizes your leverage, so you can achieve a highly competitive deal within your desired timeframe.

Executive Meeting Agendas and Talking Points

Highly customized and tailored talking points that empower you to persuade senior and executive Workday leadership to approve non-standard discounting and commercial terms.

Proposal Solicitation and Commercial Term Sheets

A detailed and tailored document for soliciting a comprehensive proposal from Workday that addresses all of the short and long-term financial and commercial elements unique to a Workday relationship.

Counter Proposal

Our recommended counter proposal to Workday’s commercial term sheet response inclusive of supporting rationale to address the specific positions Workday has taken.

In-depth Contract Reviews

A detailed contract review with customized recommendations that enable and empower you to address and capture all agreed upon commercial terms with Workday.

Case Study

Workday Case Study Cover

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