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Expert Insights for Selecting the Best Workday SI Partner

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Evaluating and selecting the best system implementation partner plays the most critical role in achieving a successful Workday project. While the Workday solution subscription negotiations provide an opportunity for cost savings, the implementation project is where all the project risk lies.

Understanding the goals and objectives of an SI partner evaluation will enable you to focus on the key financial and project elements most directly tied to mitigating risk, while also empowering your cross functional team to conduct a thorough due diligence process in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Our expert advisors know exactly how to structure the SI evaluation process and navigate the SI partners’ sales approach. They’ll share their lessons learned from client engagements and provide insights that help you utilize the evaluation process to mitigate project risk and achieve a highly competitive deal construct that improves project ROI while gaining transparency, accountability, and predictability.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Evaluation Goals and Objectives
  • Evaluation Criteria & Sequencing
  • Project Cost Risks
  • Importance of Financial Structures and Resource Rates
  • Project Estimation Risks
  • Reasonable Evaluation and Negotiation Timeline


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