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Oracle is notorious for its complex and everchanging licensing policies and distressing audits.  As a customer, you bear the burden of ensuring compliance at all times, but Oracle intentionally makes this challenging.

Our Oracle experts remove the fear of an Oracle audit by identifying and mitigating your potential compliance exposure.  If you are concerned about your Oracle license compliance, we can conduct a Baseline Assessment to determine your exposure and create a customized negotiation strategy to achieve the most optimal outcome.

Oracle Audit Resources

Complimentary Oracle Audit Exposure Risk
Answer 15 high-level questions to learn your likelihood of being audited by Oracle.
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Comprehensive Baseline Assessment
Our Baseline Assessment looks at your use of Oracle software in its entirety and uses Oracle’s current policies to determine your potential compliance exposure as well as identify optimization opportunities.
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Webcast: Avoid Being Victimized by Oracle's Audit Exploitations
This webcast removes some of the mystery behind Oracle audits and provides a game plan to tackle an audit head-on.
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Complimentary Java Compliance Self-Assessment Guide
Determine your Java usage and understand your potential Java compliance exposure with the help of this Excel self-assessment guide
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