Leading Propane and Gas Retailer Avoids $3.5M Audit Risk and Gets Enterprise License Access

An Oracle Audit Case Study

Client Profile

A Leading Propane and Gas Retailer in the US

Client Situation

  • Company was using Oracle’s technology with JDE solutions for a decade
  • Expanded their Oracle footprint with Oracle Sales Cloud and were expected to go-live with Oracle Field Service Cloud
  • Experienced growth and needed to evaluate their JDE licensing usage which may require the purchase of additional licenses
  • Received an audit letter from Oracle LMS, but was able to postpone the audit
  • Concerned about their audit exposure as well as how best to approach Oracle moving forward with any required license purchases
  • Needed to understand current Oracle relationship, entitlements, utilization, and future demand as well as potential compliance exposure, and purchase additional Oracle licenses to address growth

Services & Results

UpperEdge conducted a baseline assessment to help understand potential audit exposure and optimization opportunities and to determine leverage considerations for managing Oracle relationship:

  • Developed a mark-to-market assessment of historical and current discounting and commercial terms
  • Performed a comprehensive compliance assessment based on Oracle’s licensing audit methodology including potential compliance exposure associated with multiplexing and virtualization
  • Exposed an audit risk of over $3.5M in license and back support fees
  • Negotiated deal that completely solved the compliance exposure and secured a best in class deal structure including an enterprise-based metric allowing all company employees, vendors, and customers to fully access and use the licenses.