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Unbiased Support for Your Microsoft Negotiations

Microsoft’s market dominance has led many organizations to believe they have little to no leverage to negotiate improved discounting, flexibility, and price protections.  Negotiations with Microsoft are extremely complex and have become concerning challenges for enterprises come renewal time. But with the right tools, market intelligence and approach, it’s possible to secure highly competitive commercial terms while also laying the foundation for transforming your relationship from tactical to strategic.  

 With over 17 years of experience advising on Microsoft negotiations, UpperEdge is well-versed on Microsoft’s motives, business practices and sales tactics.  Our proven methodology and customized approach for engaging with Microsoft will empower your enterprise to unlock maximum value from its Microsoft relationship.

Unlike most Microsoft consultants and advisors, UpperEdge does not have any business relationship with Microsoft which eliminates any potential conflict of interest.  We are 100% focused on the success of our clients and completely unbiased in the way we engage.  UpperEdge’s clients never have to worry about us advising on both sides of the transaction.

We Provide Highly Customized Deliverables in Every Client Engagement

Baseline Assessment

A mark-to-market assessment of your current Microsoft relationship that identifies pricing and commercial terms that can be improved.  Includes identification of potential lost value tied to underutilization.

Highly Customized Negotiation Strategy

A holistic go-forward negotiation strategy and roadmap that maximizes your leverage so you can achieve a highly competitive deal within your desired timeframe.

Executive Meeting Agendas and Talking Points

Highly customized and tailored talking points that empower you to persuade senior and executive Microsoft leadership to approve non-standard discounting and commercial terms.

Proposal Solicitation and Commercial Term Sheets

A detailed and tailored document for soliciting a comprehensive proposal from Microsoft that addresses all of the short and long-term financial and commercial elements unique to a Microsoft relationship.

Counter Proposal

Our recommended counter proposal to Microsoft’s commercial term sheet response inclusive of supporting rationale to address the specific positions Microsoft has taken.

In-depth Contract Reviews

A detailed contract review with customized recommendations that enable and empower you to address and capture all agreed upon commercial terms with Microsoft.

Microsoft QuickCasts

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On-Demand Webcast

How to Ace Your Microsoft Renewal Negotiation

Negotiating with Microsoft has its challenges, but this is especially true for the growing number of customers that already use the Microsoft 365 cloud bundle. Microsoft wants expanded adoption of their cloud including the most robust edition (E5), Office 365 for frontline workers (F1 or F3), Teams, Power Platform products, Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and Azure.

In this webcast, you will learn:

• What is in Microsoft’s playbook
• 4 key challenges customers face and how to overcome them
• 6 steps to effectively prepare for your Microsoft renewal
• Strategies to create leverage during your renewal negotiation

Microsoft Practice by the Numbers

>2B of Microsoft Contract Value Under Advisement

Average Client Return on Investment of 25X

70,000+ Comparative Product Price Points and Related Commercial Terms

Microsoft Price Increases are Coming – What it Means for Customers

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