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Mastering Microsoft Negotiations:
Strategies to Achieve the Best Deal

Prepare for Your Microsoft Negotiation

Having advised on over $9.5B of Microsoft contract value, UpperEdge is well-versed on Microsoft’s motives, business practices, and sales tactics. Negotiations with Microsoft are extremely complex but with the right tools and approach, it’s possible to secure highly competitive commercial terms while also laying the foundation for transforming your relationship from tactical to strategic. Explore our Microsoft resources where our expert advisors share key insights and learnings to help you maximize the value of your Microsoft investment.

How to Negotiate The Best Deal With Microsoft

These 4 tips will help you refine your Microsoft negotiation strategy and put you in the best position to achieve a highly competitive deal construct.

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Negotiations

6 Essential Steps for Customers
In this comprehensive guide, UpperEdge’s Microsoft Advisory Practice Leader shares his insights from over 18 years of experience advising organizations on how to negotiate with Microsoft most effectively.
White Paper Cover-The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Negotiations

Learn how a tailored negotiation approach helped this client secure meaningful investments from Microsoft with long-term price protections.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: What Enterprise Customers Need to Know

With a 53-83% uplift on list price, adopting Microsoft’s new generative AI solution is not a decision to take lightly. Our Microsoft Practice Leader shares must-know details on Microsoft 365 CoPilot and tips for negotiating better pricing.

Microsoft FY24 Q3 Earnings: Q4 Guidance Provides Negotiation Leverage for Customers

In this podcast, our Microsoft Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses how enterprise customers can take advantage of Microsoft’s needs and focus areas to ensure the right deal is struck at the negotiation table. He also covers what enterprise customers should expect from Microsoft as they prepare for their renewal negotiations.

Have an upcoming Microsoft negotiation? Speak to an advisor who can help you prepare.