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Mastering Microsoft Negotiations: Strategies to Achieve the Best Deal

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Negotiating with Microsoft can be a daunting task and customers’ perceived limited leverage leaves many feeling helpless sitting across the negotiation table from Microsoft. But with the right strategy and approach, it’s possible to secure significant savings through achieving the right pricing along with meaningful commercial terms.

UpperEdge has a deep understanding of Microsoft’s motives, business practices, and sales tactics. Our deep database of relevant benchmarks, proven methodology and tailored approach empower organizations to unlock maximum value from their Microsoft relationship while also securing improved discounting, flexibility, and price protections.

Adam Mansfield leads UpperEdge’s Microsoft Practice and has over 18 years of experience advising organizations on how to negotiate with Microsoft most effectively. In this webinar, he will share actionable insights covering:

  • Microsoft’s Financial Performance and recent key announcements
  • What matters most to Microsoft and its impact on customers
  • How to effectively prepare to negotiate with Microsoft
  • How to overcome Microsoft’s price increases
  • The most effective strategies to increase negotiation leverage
  • What a successful negotiation outcome looks like

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