UpperEdge Reveals Additional Oracle License Use of >$15M in Short-Term Demand and Audit Risk of >$55M for Global Industrial Supplier

An Oracle Audit Case Study

Client Profile

$10B Global Industrial Supply Company with Over 10,000 Employees

Business Issue

  • Company sought to gain better insight into its Oracle relationship, commercial construct, and potential
    audit exposure
  • Limited visibility into executed agreements
  • Lack of account governance structure or executive sponsorship with Oracle
  • Inadequate view into Oracle product’s license usage and an incomplete understanding of future demand
  • Limited knowledge of market competitive pricing and commercial arrangements

Services & Results

  • Developed a mark-to-market assessment of historical & current discounting and commercial terms
  • Conducted a full analysis of license utilization & future demand, which revealed > $15M in short-term
    demand over the next 2 years
  • Performed compliance assessment with potential exposure using multiplexing and virtualization
  • Resulted in uncovering over $230K in annual support fees paid to Oracle that were not leveraged
  • Exposed an audit risk of over $55M in license and back support fees, of which 98% were associated with
    overutilized licenses deployed in virtual machines running VMware
  • Significantly reduced the financial exposure to $550K in license and back support fees