Retailer Uses Assessment to Expose $4.5M in Audit Risks and Identify Optimization Opportunities

An Oracle Audit Case Study

Client Profile

$30B Multinational Retailer with Over 3,000 Locations

Business Issue

  • Company was undertaking an initiative to renegotiate its upcoming global ELA and ULA
  • Sought to gain better insight into its Oracle relationship, commercial construct, and
    potential audit exposure
  • Held an inadequate view into Oracle product utilization and deployed licenses, as well as an
    incomplete picture of future demand
  • Limited knowledge of market competitive pricing and commercial arrangements

Services & Results

UpperEdge developed a mark-to-market assessment of historical and current discounting and
commercial terms, resulting in the following:

  • Completed a utilization assessment which uncovered over $1.5M in annual support fees
    paid to Oracle that were not leveraged
  • Performed compliance assessment with potential exposure using multiplexing and
  • Exposed an audit risk of over $4.5M in license and back support fees associated with over
    deployed licenses that exceeded license entitlements