Bio/Pharmaceutical Services Firm Has >$20M in Oracle Non-Compliance and Secures Deal to Cover 100% of Audit Exposure

An Oracle Audit Case Study

Client Profile:

A $2.3B Leader in Worldwide Bio/Pharmaceutical Services

Business Issue

  • Company received a 90-day notice audit letter from Oracle LMS
  • Existing investment included multiple product categories (i.e., Technology, Life-Sciences, Business Intelligence, E-Business, Application Server, etc.) with >50 ordering documents
  • Leveraging VMware virtualization technology within its physical servers running Oracle technology products and concerned about its audit exposure
  • Undertaking a negotiation with Oracle to resolve its current out-of-compliance exposure
  • Lacked understanding of Oracle audits, business practices, and negotiating strategies and had limited knowledge of market competitive pricing and commercial arrangements

Services & Results

UpperEdge conducted a compliance assessment to uncover potential exposure related to traditional non-compliance, multiplexing, and virtualization. UpperEdge then developed a negotiation strategy and timeline based on best practices to navigate the audit negotiation efforts most effectively, resulting in the following:

  • Compliance assessment uncovered an Oracle financial exposure of over $20M in license and back support fees, mainly associated with overutilization of Oracle applications and technology products through VMware
  • Oracle’s own audit confirmed UpperEdge’s compliance analysis
  • Resulted in negotiated deal that resolved 100% of the compliance exposure
  • Secured 5 years of support price protections on the purchased Oracle application and technology products
  • Achieved a highly competitive divestiture and license assignment rights