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Navigating the Inevitable Journey to SAP RISE

Strategies for Seamless Adoption and Maximizing Value in the Digital Transformation Era

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In just 3 years, RISE has swiftly evolved from a novel concept to a transformative force within the SAP ecosystem. Despite initial hesitations, recent observations confirm three undeniable truths: SAP’s unwavering commitment to RISE, a significant acceleration in adoption rates, and the undeniable inevitability of the journey toward SAP RISE.

At UpperEdge, our expert advisors, with a wealth of experience from advising on over 1,000 SAP transactions, have been leading the charge in guiding early evaluators and adopters of RISE. In this webinar, our seasoned advisors will address critical inquiries that confront executives tasked with shaping their SAP future, including:

  • Unraveling SAP’s latest RISE offering
  • Differentiating between S/4HANA and RISE
  • Evaluating the risks and rewards of RISE adoption
  • Exploring SAP’s commercial offerings
  • Crafting effective evaluation strategies

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