As hyperscalers hit prime time, companies with broader transformation roadmaps can now look to them for their infrastructure, platform, and partner ecosystem to manage the more strategic components of their overall strategy. But the decision to leverage a hyperscaler is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are a series of interrelated decisions regarding a hyperscaler’s services and support ecosystem, requiring an integrated approach to developing a sourcing and negotiation strategy.

SAP RISE Webcasts

Year Later:

A Critical Discussion for Migrating to S/4HANA
Whether you are an SAP customer preparing to migrate to S/4 or considering a new purchase, this discussion will help you decide whether RISE is the best option for you.
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Defining Your SAP Cloud Strategy:

Azure, AWS, GCP and RISE Compared
This webinar will empower you with direct learnings from evaluations of Azure, AWS, GCP, RISE and service providers.
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SAP RISE, Hyperscalers and Traditional Approaches Compared
Current market dynamics are encouraging the use of SAP RISE, going direct with a hyperscaler, bundled service provider solutions and other multi-sourced vendor scenarios.
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Demystifying the Hyperscale Hosting Market

Technical and financial benefits of hosting SAP workloads with a hyperscaler are well documented, a customer's third-party support options are not.
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