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SAP Transformations: Sourcing in the Age of RISE

A look into real client case studies and the top challenges faced by most SAP customers

Presenters/Panelists: Chip Hanna, Justin Parker, Sam Bayaa, Greg Hall, and Len Riley

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In the culmination of an illuminating webinar series on Strategic Transformational Sourcing, our most senior advisory Practice Leaders are sitting down for a roundtable discussion on their first-hand experiences guiding SAP customers in their complex journey to S/4HANA.

Key market changes such as the introduction of new support paradigms like RISE, the forced shift to the cloud, and a fragmented infrastructure landscape are requiring organizations to reevaluate their IT vendor strategies. To successfully navigate these market disruptors, revolutionary approaches to vendor evaluations and negotiations of software, Cloud Services, System Implementation, and Managed Services relationships are essential.

Join our panel of UpperEdge executives, who have advised on over 1,000 SAP transactions, as they uncover the most pivotal insights distilled from recent client engagements as well as the diverse range of topics covered throughout the webinar series. These subject matter leaders each specialize in one of the four primary workstreams within major transformations and are bringing their unique perspectives to the table.

This engaging roundtable discussion will:

  • Dive into specific client case studies that highlight the most common challenges most SAP customers face in the sourcing and execution phases of their transformation.
  • Discuss how the current state of the ever-evolving landscape of the IT vendor market impacts your vendor relationships.
  • Identify the critical success factors for organizations undergoing an SAP transformation.


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