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SAP Sapphire 2024 Recap: How SAP Customers Can Leverage Key Insights

Picture of John Belden

John Belden

Chief of Strategy & Research

Picture of Kylie Chisholm

Kylie Chisholm

Content Marketing Manager


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This week's guest:

Picture of Michael Wesseler

Michael Wesseler

IT Sourcing & Commercial Advisory Sr. Manager

Welcome to Insights for IT Negotiations, a podcast by UpperEdge, a leading IT sourcing, negotiation, and project execution advisory firm. Join John Belden, UpperEdge’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, and Kylie Chisholm, UpperEdge’s Marketing Manager, every other week as they share valuable insights to help you maximize the value of your key IT relationships.

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This week, John and Kylie chatted with Michael Wesseler, one of UpperEdge’s SAP advisors, to discuss what we learned at SAP Sapphire this year. Michael discusses SAP’s RISE and AI strategy, some of the questions customers still have after the conference, and ways to leverage what you learned at the negotiation table.

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