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Oracle Fusion ERP Negotiations – How to Prepare for Success

February 16, 2023
Hosted by: Jeff Lazarto and Erwann Couesbot

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Oracle’s sales team is heavily focused on driving adoption of Fusion ERP. Whether you are currently an on-premise Oracle customer or using a competitive ERP solution, you are a primary target. How do you know if your team is prepared to effectively manage Oracle’s aggressive sales tactics and negotiate the best deal possible?

Our expert Oracle advisors know exactly how to navigate Oracle’s sales approach and prepare a negotiation strategy that enables you to maximize your Oracle investment. They’ll share their lessons learned from client engagements and provide insights that help you achieve a highly competitive deal construct that reduces TCO while gaining transparency, flexibility, and predictability.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why adoption of Fusion ERP is critical to Oracle’s success
  • The tactics and sales approach you can expect to see from Oracle
  • How Oracle Fusion ERP is priced
  • Tips for developing your negotiation strategy
  • Key commercial terms to prioritize in your negotiation 

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