Healthcare Network Reduces Oracle HCM and ERP Annual Fees by 54% and Secures 11 Years of Price Protections

An Oracle Case Study

Client Profile:

Healthcare Network with 12,000 Employees in Over 170 Locations

Business Issue

  • Company was undertaking a transformative initiative and conducting a competitive bid to evaluate and select a long-term ERP and HCM software platform
  • Evaluating both Oracle and Workday as their new ERP and HCM partner with intent to finalize its decision in a short period of time
  • Was also looking to conduct a competitive bid process in selecting their system implementation partner to begin the project shortly after contract
  • Lacked an understanding of Oracle and Workday’s business practices and negotiating strategies and had limited knowledge of market competitive pricing and commercial arrangements

Services & Results

UpperEdge developed and managed the complete Oracle and implementation partner negotiation strategy resulting in a highly competitive deal structure for both initiatives:

  • Reduced cloud subscription TCO by over $1.44M (54%) over 5 years and $3.1M over 10 years
  • Secured subscription fee payment ramp to align with the deployment of hosted users instead of paying for all users at the beginning
  • Attained 11 years of price protections on both the Oracle HCM and ERP solutions
  • Achieved a highly competitive exchange right
  • Secured a highly competitive implementation deal including a shared risk financial structure
  • Obtained highly competitive professional services rates, as well as rate card and change orders protections